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30 December 2034 @ 02:51 pm

So basically, this journal is friends-only. You'll have to add me if you want full access to my journal. :D
I have a new graphic comm so I will no longer post my icons here. -> spoiledtreats .
Before adding me, be sure to comment here. Introduce yourself, and state your fandoms. 
29 August 2009 @ 04:41 pm
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This is my second request post. :D I am going to take requests only until September 5, 2009

1) Give me HQ pictures.
~I want it HQ just cause :D Send me as many as you like.
2) I can only make icons or friends-only banners.
~I can also try to make headers but it'll be too much work right now. lol. Sorry.
3) Give me some time too make them for you.
~I'm not that fast in making graphics and I'm also busy with school & other stuff as well. I'll try to do it asap, though. ;D
4) I only accept J-Pop/K-Pop, Japanese/Korean celebrities/Misc. (that are still related to Japan & Korea) and even anime pictures.
~Tawainese groups or Chinese groups are not yet allowed. lol.
5) It'll also be good if you would tell me what you want your icon/s or header to look like. ;D
~I'll try my best to meet your expectations.
6) Only members/watchers are allowed to make requests.